Lavender and Cassia Seed Eye Pillow

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 Lavender and Cassia Seed Eye Pillow

An Eye Pillow is a wonderful way to help you alleviate daily stress and allow you to gain a sense of peace and relaxation. You typically place it over your eyes when you lie on your back. 


How does it work?

The Eye Pillow shields your eyes from light and then applies either warmth or cool to your forehead and eyes relieving facial muscle tension. Eye Pillows are often also scented with aromatic herbs to help clear sinuses.

Better quality eye pillow coverings are made from natural fabrics such as soft cotton or silk blends.

How else can an eye pillow help me?

Eye Pillows help people to overcome stress and tension. They may relieve anything from headaches to head colds. Seasonal allergy sufferers often find an eye pillow and an invaluable tool.

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